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S.A E-Com facilitates you with the strategies to manage any digital information on your website by creating and maintaining content without getting it from web programming through our Content Management System.

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It is imperative to stay in touch with your prospects to get an upper hand in digital marketing. Around 4.57 billion people around the world which compromise approximately 60% of the global population, are active internet users. Among these people, around 53% make thorough research before connecting with any business and trusting them as their professional partners.  Surveys show that more than 90% of people visit websites for multiple purposes other than making a purchase. These purposes could include making comparisons, product research, and business review. It shows your presence in the digital world is mandatory to drive leads. Without an interactive website that serves the users, you can lose the opportunity to reach your targeted audience and get your business familiarized with potential customers.

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We meet your expectations and design the most inventive website for your business to help the customers interact with your services in the best way.

Why is CMS required to manage a website’s content?

A content management system is a tool to control the content on a webpage. The content can be stored in the database and assembled anytime by the users using programming languages. Through a web browser, users can access and control the layouts.

It assists businesses in managing and publishing content on websites with the help of its two parts:

The Content Management Application (CMA)

CMA is a user interface that allows the users to edit, add, change, and control the content of their website without getting any assistance from the IT experts.

The Content Delivery Application (CDA)

CDA facilitates with the help of back-end services. It picks the content created by the user in CMA and takes it to a website that is accessible to the users. 

S.A E-Com delivers Key CMS features

Manage your website content in an easier way. S.A E-Com is a well-known CMS website development company. We intend to improve your business reach and capabilities with the help of a CMS-based website. We conduct an analysis of your business and thorough industry research to validate that your chosen CMS will cope with online marketing issues. We deliver CMS support with:

Budget-friendly price packages,

Web-integration of multiple CMS platforms, and;

Joint efforts of SEO experts and CMS web developers whose services bring higher ROI.

How S.A E-Com develops CMS

On the basis of scope and solutions, CMS development projects are differently built. S.A E-Com takes strategic steps to develop an effective CMS.

✔️ We evaluate the information architecture of your business, the process of managing the content, and the types of content used.

✔️ We analyze the content management requirements and goals.

✔️ We draft the outline of the solution that we intend to implement e.g language support, SEO tools, and AI-based content personalization.

✔️ We specify the CMS user and their functionality.

✔️ We design a strategy to govern the content.

✔️ Depending on your content management requirements, we design the key CMS features.

✔️ We check the targeted KPIs for a CMS solution like traffic volume and user engagement.

✔️ We decide the specifications of CMS requirements.

✔️ We look for a suitable platform for the implementation of CMS.

✔️ Estimate the duration and budget of the CMS development project and draw up a cost-benefit analysis.

✔️ We draft information architecture and design content management workflows.

✔️ Design CMS prototypes and check their validity.

✔️ Build a platform-based CMS and fix the defects if required.

✔️ Conduct CMS data migration and launch the CMS

Leverage the expertise of our developers

S.A E-Com guarantees you the following advantages of building CMS with us:

Quality CMS

We conduct regular reviews of codes, integration of Application Performance Management, and testing automated API and UI.


Budget-friendly CMS development

We use reliable ready-to-use and open-source components in place of expensive customized tools to cut off the monetary requirements for CMS development.

Existence of minimum risk

To avoid any kind of risk, we offer consultancy at each stage of implementation, from architecture and UX/UI design to the launch of the solution. Our team then follows the most persuasive and effective approach.

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