Product Hunting and Research

We Target The Profit-Oriented Products For Your Amazon Account

Amazon product research requires a lot of effort and remains a crucial element. There are millions of Amazon products and every day hundreds of new products are being added to Amazon. However, the largest online retailer marketplace—Amazon, has a large capacity to accommodate further products. We keep ourselves updated with the latest product hunting trends. We always chase profitable products for your Amazon account. For this purpose, we have set up an extensive team to search and hunt the right products for your Amazon Seller Account

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150 keyphrases optimized

30 pages optimized

6 content, outreach, UX, or CRO assets per quarter

200 keyphrases optimized

40 pages optimized

12 content, outreach, UX, or CRO assets per quarter

300 keyphrases optimized

60 pages optimized

24 content, outreach, UX, or CRO assets per quarter

We use diverse techniques to search and hunt for the right product for you. We do not rely on a single opportunity for you and keep looking for multiple options for you simultaneously. We use different market tools to search for the right product for you.

We Find Products That Are Highly Demanded

Products that are being demanded by the maximum number of customers but have low competition and have high chances of making profits. We discover which products have a high search volume. We then compare the competition and demand for those products in the digital markets. A combo of high search volume, high demand, and low competition is an ideal tool to achieve high profits.

Effective Keywords

Our product research also includes the check to see whether the found products have healthy keyword ranking or not. Highly demanded products have a bulk of keywords people are using to look for them. We segregate the high-volume and long-tail keywords that are certain to be ranked on Amazon searches. This ranking increases the visibility of your product.

We Never Ignore The Buying Fashion

While hunting for the right product for our customers, we always consider the trends and fashion of that product. Buying fashions changes throughout the year. People frequently purchasing one product in winter may cease to buy it in summer. Buying fashion varies based on people’s needs for a particular product. We thus, stick to the research on buying trends of various products and bring out the best choice for you.


Product Stability

While conducting research for a suitable product for you, we keep in mind whether the product is going to be stable for a long or not. If the product’s demand falls in a short term due to market competition or market variation, that indicates that the product is not stable at all and will drive profit only for some time with a very minor margin. That’s why we consider the stability of the product that ensures a long-term high yielding return.

Steps Involved In Product Hinting

S.A E-Com has specified an official and comprehensive method of product research that begins with product-hunting and ends with product finalizing. The steps include:

Start A Project

Once we enter into an agreement with our customer regarding the project, we allocate the task of hunting the profitable products for our customer’s business.

Products Categories

EIther the customer can share with us his desired category of the product or we can conduct research ad organize multiple options for him. He can either choose from the available options or leave it up to us to make the most preferred choice on his behalf. In this way, we finalize which product we are going to take start with.

Relying On The Statistics

Once we have finalized a product, we go into the depths of available data associated with it. If the customer gives his final consent after pondering over the statistics, we then make the final decision. If the customer is not satisfied with the statistics, we can consider another option from our research.

Revealing the Final Plan

After getting the customer’s consent, we reveal the details of our product research. The customer is then supposed to pay the remaining amount for the services as per the clauses of the agreement and we can consult him either he can place his own label on the product or go with me-too on it.

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